Foodster Comics : Character Illustrations “We Are Cartoons!”


Food reviewing dilemmas

Our friend Maria Neschetna, is a multi-talented illustrator who’s based in Germany & Dubai. She’s always like a busy bee buzzing around with projects whilst juggling her masters at the same time.  Recently, Maria has redefined our signature characters, Mr. & Ms. Eat to give them both a bit more of a personality & backstory. The characters don’t necessarily reflect us personally, but rather, we use them as a sort of representation of two very different personalities & points of view.


She’s also done clever one panelled comics for us that really helped capture the spirit of the recent Dubai food season craziness. You can view more of Maria’s works at , @mariabluelines or purchase awesome goods she designed such as scarves & shirts at .


THE BACKSTORY: Ms. Eat is a bit of a skeptic when it comes to a lot of things hence the look on her face. She’s very much like a cat; child-like and playful but also very picky and moody. Very observant of people and quick to give info whenever needed. It’s impossible to keep her in one place as she’d rather be out than in. A rugged hipster with a taste for adventure.


THE BACKSTORY: Mr. Eat loves all things epicurean. Quite the total opposite of Ms. Eat as he’d rather be by himself enjoying a cup of coffee while watching or reading his books. Like a stag, he’s normally docile and passive, avoiding conflict whenever possible. But if challenged, he’ll rise up to the occasion 110% and go all in. Can be a bit of a nerd & geeky at times.


And since we’re talking characters, here’s the real faces behind the Foodsters – Frunze & Abbie De Garza in our natural habitat; the kitchen in all towel and apron cladded glory. Try to guess which countries we’re from (yes countries because we’re both mixed). Trust us, you’ll probably have the hardest time figuring it out!

Combining The Love Of Food & Art,
Mr. & Ms. Eat

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